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"The true measure of a lady, or a gentleman, is not based on what they have, but rather on who they are"

International Institute Business School is the first B-School in India to adopt the concept of Finishing School. Shaping the future of the nation is the sole purpose of IIBS Finishing School (IFS) and we achieve that by molding the students who are the future of the nation. IFS provide our students with a well-balance and well-formed education, help them achieve their full potential, make them aware of their duties to the humanity and turn them into good citizens, that this nation will cherish.

Some of the Training Sessions

Business Communications-Fundamentals of Communications
  1. Listening
  2. Interpersonal Skills
  3. Negotiations
  4. Interviewing
  5. Group Communications
  6. Making Presentations
  7. Organizing and Presenting The Speech
  8. Letter Writing – Writing About the Routine and the Pleasant
  9. Writing About the Unpleasant
  10. Writing to Persuade
  11. Communication for Employment – Resume
  12. Communication for Employment – Application Letter
  13. Writing Effective Memos
  14. Structure and Layout of Letters
  15. The Framework of a Report
  16. Writing the Report
  17. Managing the Data and Using Graphics
  18. Review of Writing Skills
  19. Simulation & Practical Applications
Personality Development-Voice and Accent Neutralization

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