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About IAA

We are the Alumni Association of the IIBS. We provide a common platform for the alumni of the institute to reach out to other alumni across various years, batches & campuses. IAA Membership links you to a strong network of 5,000+ members around the globe. A vast network of professionals and offer you endless opportunities to connect, build relationships, participate and continue to learn from the IAA.

Support the current students of IIBS Bangalore through different mentoring opportunities either by being a part of on-campus lectures provide internships, recruit fresh graduates, present career programs, etc.

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IIBS Bangalore Airport Campus
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Address: #75, Muthugadahalli, Bangalore North Jala Hobli
Near International Airport, Bangalore-562157
Mobile:  99864153339620248214, Email: admission@iibsonline.com

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