Chapters - IIBS Alumni Association (IAA)

Dubai Chapter

President - Siddharth
Vice President - Gaurav
General Secretary- Bhanu Prakash
Treasurer - Veera Babu

Bangalore Chapter

President - Tony Kuru Villa Paul
Vice President - Amit Giri
General Secretary - Avinash Reddy
Treasurer - Santosh Kumar Sahni

Noida Chapter

President - Tarun Rajput
General Secretary - Neha Choudhary
Joint Secretary - Reyaz Alam
Associate Secretary - Neha Solanki
Treasurer - Ananya Srivastava
Relationship Manager - Gaurav Sharma

Kolkata Chapter

President - Kalyan Kumar
Vice President - Sumanta Samanta
General Secretary - Avinash Vyas
Treasurer - Dipti Kumari

IIBS Alumni Association (IAA)

About IAA

We are the Alumni Association of the IIBS. We provide a common platform for the alumni of the institute to reach out to other alumni across various years, batches & campuses. IAA Membership links you to a strong network of 5,000+ members around the globe. A vast network of professionals and offer you endless opportunities to connect, build relationships, participate and continue to learn from the IAA.

Support the current students of IIBS Bangalore, Noida & Kolkata through different mentoring opportunities either by being a part of on-campus lectures provide internships, recruit fresh graduates, present career programs etc.

Our Mission
Alumni Service Purpose

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