We live in a competitive era where business enterprises are striving to be their best. It is therefore critical for organizations to hire the best of management professionals to drive their growth.

International Institute of Business Studies (IIBS), keeping in pace with industry needs has designed business education frameworks, which are capable of developing efficient individuals who can unquestionably keep up with the current workforce demands. It is delightful to witness the emergence of International Institute of Business Studies (IIBS) as one of the top MBA colleges in the country.

Dr. Jay Prakash 
Ph.D, Master Degree from Bangalore University
Promoter of Group of Companies in India and an eminent educationist.

Board Members

Mr. Amarjeet Kumar

(DELHI Campus)

A warm welcome to each of you! It gives me immense pride in conveying that at IIBS. As a business graduate, you would have expected him to read the path is combined expertise in the educational and business world should enable him to leverage academic insight with business foresight to build it and institute of credibility. We expose our students to the understanding of the dynamics of the professional corporate culture. Continuous up-gradation on the basis of expert talks and feedback from the industry has distinguished ABS as an institution of distinctive and competitive advantages.

Dr.Srinivas G

(BANGALORE - RT Nagar Campus)

The new broader integrative management responsibilities require new skills and attitudes, and more efficient methods. These are the challenges that surround Management Training & Development Institutions; the approaches and methodologies of management development, therefore, will have to reach to meet these challenges. We believe that “better people make a better organization”. In every action and in every transaction with one another, it is the responsibility of each individual in the International Institute of Business Studies – IIBS to put this belief into practice.

Mr.Maheshwar Reddy


International Institute of Business Studies – IIBS, as a center for excellence in management education, has already demonstrated its credentials as a responsive MBA institute. With an inclusive curriculum (interspersed with Corporate Interface Seminars and Workshops) that is adaptable to global business dynamics, the International Institute of Business Studies – IIBS has provided maximum corporate exposure, and enhanced job prospects for its students.

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